Periodically Wear Styles That Prevent Breakage

In order to retain as much growth as possible it is important to try and avoid over manipulation of the hair. Natural hair seems strong, but its tight coils promote loss of moisture, leaving it quite weak and more susceptible to damage, so protective styles are very necessary. There are protective styles that do not include extensions, like twisted styles, braiding (make sure it is not too tight) of natural hair, buns, etc. If one is looking for a change and also for a style that has the least manipulation for a long term period, there is an array of beautiful Catherine Marion wigs to select from. Your natural hair can remain in braids underneath the wig for a few weeks without the worry of it drying out due to the weather or from too much manipulation.

Quick and Easy Hair Maintenance While Hair is in Braids for Wig Wear.

There are easy steps to take to avoid itch and dry hair while wearing Catherine Marion Wigs. While showering, with wig removed, wet your natural hair until saturated and pat until it stops dripping water. If scalp is feeling irritated from product buildup, conditioner or shampoo can be applied to the braids and scalp. With your fingers, scrub lightly (this can be with braids intact or braids undone) and rinse. Apply leave in conditioner and hair oil throughout the hair for moisture.

Blending Edge Hair with Wig for Maximum Effect

Being natural, one may feel like they cannot achieve the same effect as relaxed hair when wearing their wig in a way that requires their edge hairs to be left out (half up/half down, ponytail, pushed back, etc) as opposed to a style that covers all their edge hairs. This is very false because there is an easy and quick technique to achieving smooth looking edges in just three steps.

1. Simply spray holding spray (Fantasia IC Superhold Polisher Spritz Hairspray) on edge hairs

2. Brush back lightly with a tiny brush with many bristles (something along the lines of an eyebrow brush).

3. Apply head scarf for 5 to 10 minutes to let set and remove.