Catherine Marion Jessy Wig : Similar to the Jessica wig with less layers. Hand made with 7 Ounces of Gorgeous Catherine Marion "Course Straight Indian Hair". Sewn on an open weft cap with straps in back for a natural comfortable fit with great manageability. Made with an exclusive blend of 100% coarse straight Indian hair. When wet, hair reverts back to a natural kinky fluffy pattern, blends with both natural and relaxed hair and can be styled with heat tools. Our hair comes in combinations of completely natural off-black and dark brown colors for 1B and a dark black color for Color 1. There will be color variations between bundles, some lighter and some darker. The hair can be colored, but we suggest using a professional stylist for coloring.

About the Color - Color 1 is a natural black (similar to off black) this is the natural color of the hair so we suggest ordering a color 1 if you plan to apply color.  Color 1B is a medium brown color and hair has been processed to achieve this color. There may be a slight color variations between bundles, some lighter and some darker.

Pre-Order Items : All Lengths and Parts in Color 1 and Color 1B - With Pre-Order, customers don't have to wait for items to be restocked before they can order, which usually takes a much longer period of time. Pre-Order items can take a minimum 15 business days to fulfill. This time frame is essential in order to import Catherine Marion's custom human hair, which is then used to carefully construct our unique and beautiful handmade Catherine Marion wigs to the high quality and standards that we at Catherine Marion stand by. Customers will also be alerted of any delays.

  • Model has on 20 inches.
  • Please Contact Us for rush delivery BEFORE you place your order (additional rush and shipping fees apply) Rush wigs are made in 2/3 business days and shipped out immediately.

Tags: Coarse wigs

Vendor: Catherine marion

Type: Wig