As the weather changes from summer to fall that doesn't mean I have to let go of my beautiful summer waves. So hellooooo fall waves. To achieve this look I wear my Catherine Marion Jessica. This is definitely one of my favorite protective styles and I love to roll it up in magnetic rollers for flawless waves. The Jessica wig is handmade by us and perfectly layered, which is what creates these magnificent layered waves. I love the Ushape when doing this hair style because of the course texture that gives the waves a realistic bounce and blends perfectly with my natural hair. So get your own fall waves HERE 


Congratulations to @Eduaoe who entered our instagram giveaway competition and won a free CM handmade protective style Jessica wig and CM Guide to growing long natural hair" Coffee table book. 

She said "I should win because I'm a Catherine Marion fanatic! I got my first Jessica wig as a freshman in college 3 years ago I didn't know what to do with my hair so I read your blog and rocked my wig. I got (still get) so many compliments on my wig. Black girls like me are marveled at how long my hair is ☺️?. I put a bunch of my friends on to the Jessica wig and they bought them. We all wear them together now. I bought my second wig after about a year in March 2014 and I'm still rocking it and also still trying to figure out how to wear natural hair. The book would help grow my hair and hopefully others naturals around me. and that Jessica wig! ? would love to add it to my collection so I can continue receiving compliments on my hair and giving people the Catherine Marion link in return! Oya". Congratulations again Eduaoe, and of course you do not have to be a customer to win our giveaway so feel free to follow us on instagram, facebook and twitter and watch out for our next giveaway. 


Do you know that soap nuts can be used to clean your home and pretty much anything that needs cleansing? Soap nuts are actually berries, which are found on trees grown in the Himalayans, and are my most favorite natural cleansers/detergents. These berries have been used throughout history in traditional Hindu medicine due to their cleansing, healing, and insecticide qualities. We love a clean space, so in the past we used to constantly bleach our homes and use many chemical filled products until we realized we were inhaling too much chemical fumes. We went on a research binge and noted that we actually come into contact with a whole lot of chemicals every single day! From our makeup and deodorant, to even our perfume, so we figured we can at least try to cut it down where possible. A soap nuts cleanser quickly became our favorite natural alternative to harsh chemical filled sprays and detergents because it cuts back on inhaling chemicals that we used to practically swim in in the past. 

Also, if you can believe it they are super easy to obtain (Amazon!) and very easy to prepare. If you have ever made tea then you have received all your training. They are prepared by boiling soap nuts in water until suds form and water yellows/browns (for heavier cleansing) or by simply shaking a few soap nuts in warm water (for more lighter cleansing). Both methods activate the cleansing agent in the soap nut. 

What makes soap nuts so amazing as a cleanser is that it can be used to clean pretty much anything (home, laundry, hair, etc.). We cannot imagine cleaning our home without them. Essential oils and other ingredients have been known to be added to aid in cleaning. The effectiveness of soap nuts and the fact that it is super natural was definitely a factor as to why we at Catherine Marion decided to use it in our Shampoo and Wash Out Conditioner. We want to spread this extremely natural method of cleansing so that others will be able to gain the same natural benefits that we have.



"Guide To Growing Long Natural Hair", is a coffee table natural hair book that combines and simplifies all of the true hair growth strategies and makes it all make sense in a fun and simple way. We are currently sold out but will be back in stock very soon!

For now check out our EBOOK version of our hardcover book for readers who are only interested in receiving a hair regimen calendar and are not interested in the break down of the calendar provided in our Hardcover book. This Ebook of just our 42 days (calendar form) regimen for $2.99. If you would like a full version of our book which describes and breaks down everything in the hair regimen we recommend purchasing our full HARDCOVER book instead.  

Ebook is emailed to you within 10 hours after completing your purchase. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

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