Recently we took a trip to Nigeria where we were shot by the awesome photographer Enimien Etomi. We collaborated with her to do an urban shoot around our Village Benin, Nigeria. Exploring Benin was nostalgic and we can't wait to visit our beautiful home again. Check out her work at IAMNIMZ . While in Benin, we wore our protective style Jessica wigs. Speaking of CM wigs, you guys already know we provide a variety of textures and styles for our protective style wigs and we are excited to introduce 2 more styles to the collection this month. We consider protective styling to be very important in order to give your hair those much needed manipulation breaks.

During these periods when the hair is braided underneath a protective style wig, there is essentially no breakage or damage from manipulation of any kind, which is important for maintaining healthy and undamaged natural hair. With this strategy, the periods you do wear your natural hair out in it's glorious afro state, it will be as healthy as can be. In our online store, you can find textures that are curly, kinky, wavy, or straight and this month we will be introducing a new curly wig and a new kinky afro wig. Manipulation breaks are made much easier when there are beautiful and realistic styles to choose from while your own natural hair can remain at its highest level of health!



Like all of the oils we use at Catherine Marion, Moringa Oil is very beneficial to hair, skin and health. It is extracted from the Moringa tree and has been traced to medicinal practices used in Rome and other areas during ancient times. Since we believe in cleansing/moisturizing with nature, we decided that this would be a great oil to include to our wash-out conditioner. 

By using Moringa Oil on your skin/hair you are imparting its antioxidant and anti-microbial qualities, it's ability to insert moisture from the air into your skin/hair, it's capacity to cleanse the dead skin cells from the scalp, heal wounds, battle skin aging, and has even been linked to being able to stop some of the precursors of certain types of liver damage. 

By now it is very apparent why this oil was used since ancient times for medicinal and general health purposes. In our book, we recommend our wash-out conditioner for deep conditioning or quick rinse conditioning, so we knew we had to include an astounding oil such as Moringa. Our line of natural products "Flower Child Curls" will be launching this summer.


We, at Catherine Marion absolutely love our vintage buys and many of our shoots utilize those unique finds but we decided to show case some Catherine Marine Originals in this shoot. We were going for 50s era house wife with an ankara inspired twist which we see as a great symbol of our strong african ancestry. After searching for the right look in stores, we quickly realized that we had to go the route of creating it ourselves. We delved into the task and the result was exactly the vintage ankara inspired dresses we were seeking! We love the idea of combining the two concepts and this little experiment has encouraged us to begin playing with not just hair but fabric again.. just for fun!  

Looking back on 2015, we are so happy for all the support that we received and how much exciting events we were able to participate in, but we are also very excited about all the things to come and have even set certain goals for ourselves in the new year of 2016. Some of those include the release of our line of natural products "Flower Child Curls" before summer (We are super excited about this due to the fact that our products place an emphasis on the use of earth's natural substances to cleanse/moisturize), more Catherine Marion Original outfits along with behind the scenes of how they were created (we are now on snapchat CatMariSnap) and even more amazing events and workshops where we can share ideas/products with others who, as we do, love everything natural.

But one of the most inspiring things for us so far is the positive feedback and great reviews we have been getting from you guys regarding our book, protective style wigs and growing interest in our products. This is something we will never get used to and will continue to be our driving force into this year and subsequent years. Check out a quick video of how we made the DIY dresses below and let us know on youtube or email if next time you would like us to make a full video tutorial. 


Today we wanted to put a spotlight on our revived kendal wig, which is made with Catherine marion coarse curly hair. This is the perfect protective style for any girl looking to give her natural hair a break but still wear a natural looking afro. Hand sewn, soft, coarse and and perfectly layered available in both extensions and in a wig. Shop CM protective style wig HERE and CM hair extensions HERE

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