Natural hair journey is sort of a funny process, before going natural you have all of this expectations about what you hope your natural hair will look like. Years of relaxing your hair has left you completely unaware of your real hair texture or how to take care of it. Once you actually go natural you realize your true hair texture and the challenges it might come with, for every texture has it's challenges.

As 4B/4C hair girls, we realized over time that our texture may not be as desired (to some) for they assume it is high maintenance due to it's tighter curls or they find it less appealing visually as compared to looser curls. This naturally has an effect with how some people view healthy natural hair vs unhealthy natural hair. I remember in the past when I would have my hair in it's shrunken state and someone would say, "I don't think you applied enough moisture because it is very course" or "you may not have the texture that will work with going natural". At first these kinds of opinions had a real effect on us but once we learned how to truly take care of our hair, it was easy to embrace our texture because as we mentioned, what you eventually discover is that every texture has it's challenges.  

Texture is not the key to healthy natural hair, at the end of the day it comes down to having a healthy regimen with plenty of moisture. This is why we can now easily go from a looser curl to a shrunken state without worrying about whether it is seen as unhealthy. Sometimes the mental struggles relating to natural hair (whatever texture yours may be or your particular issues with your hair) has to be overcome in order to confidently maintain the physical care your hair needs to thrive.

In our book "Guide To Growing Long Natural Hair" we advice you to not get too caught up with the "texture game" for you may miss out on great DIY tricks or products that may be good for your hair but not marketed towards your hair. Once you focus on your own journey and learn how to actually give your hair the care it needs, you will see that texture is just a number and not a hurdle to overcome. 




Check out our new video, how to style an easy versatile up do for 4B/4C natural hair gals. For this tutorial we were inspired by the beautiful Grace Jone when creating our pompadour updo mixed with a little simplicity. Thank you to everyone who follows us on youtube, we will make an active effort to create more video tutorials. Make sure to subscribe to our youtube channel.





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Love this video posted by ATTN Media and the message behind it.


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From @skinnyhipster "If you’re like me and always looking for healthy new tips to grow your natural hair I’ve got the perfect answer for you.  Try reading “Guide to growing long natural hair” by Abby and Ivie Omoruyi, it’s such a easy read and just $24.99.  It gives your step by step advice on how to grow your healthy natural hair- more like a cheat guide.  The good news is that they also sell shampoo and conditioner".

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Recently we took a trip to Nigeria where we were shot by the awesome photographer Enimien Etomi. We collaborated with her to do an urban shoot around our Village Benin, Nigeria. Exploring Benin was nostalgic and we can't wait to visit our beautiful home again. Check out her work at IAMNIMZ . While in Benin, we wore our protective style Jessica wigs. Speaking of CM wigs, you guys already know we provide a variety of textures and styles for our protective style wigs and we are excited to introduce 2 more styles to the collection this month. We consider protective styling to be very important in order to give your hair those much needed manipulation breaks.

During these periods when the hair is braided underneath a protective style wig, there is essentially no breakage or damage from manipulation of any kind, which is important for maintaining healthy and undamaged natural hair. With this strategy, the periods you do wear your natural hair out in it's glorious afro state, it will be as healthy as can be. In our online store, you can find textures that are curly, kinky, wavy, or straight and this month we will be introducing a new curly wig and a new kinky afro wig. Manipulation breaks are made much easier when there are beautiful and realistic styles to choose from while your own natural hair can remain at its highest level of health!


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