Come SHOP & SIP with us and our sisters (from another mother) @PopCaven. You can shop our natural products and coffee table book along with Pop Caven's collection of African inspired modern casual wear. Enjoy an evening of Shopping, conversations, cocktails and Afrobeats. Event will be in DC Mid-September, location to be announced. Follow us on instagram @Catherine.Marion & @popcaven for more updates on time and location. Let's have some fun! Check out more pictures and details from our promotional shoot below.

Doing this shoot was a lot of fun, we were inspired by the sisterhood we share with popcaven and our love of flowers and nature. The concept for this shoot was inspired by the strength and beauty of Dido Elizabeth Belle, "an illegitimate child born to a British admiral and a former slave he loved, brought up as an orphaned, later becoming a beloved member of her father's aristocratic family in 1770s Jane Austen-era England. She was so beloved she was painted as an equal with her white sister/cousin, in marked contrast to the usual subservient poses of black people in paintings of the era". We wanted the shoot to feel like an oil painting from that era similar to the original painting of Dido. 


Just as dido was able to celebrate the strong bond with her cousin through art, we are honoring that by celebrating sisterhood through this event with women who love the idea of community empowerment.

Created, Photographed and Edited by Catherine Marion & PopCaven. 



In developing our flower child curls line of natural hair products the goal was not just to make it natural, but to go the step further and create products that actually incorporate the earth. Yes the earth you can dig up with your hands and sift through your fingers! We set out to replace the function of certain common harmful chemicals found in commercial products with natural earth based ingredients that can actually do the same work but at a significantly healthier capacity.

Our clay shampoo uses its powerful negative charge to attract and clear away the positive charge of buildup, while not stripping the protective oil produced by the scalp, unlike harmful/drying sulfates. Soap berries (which come from the soap berry trees) release natural saponin (cleansing agent) and can also be found in the shampoo and conditioner.

The conditioner also includes Moringa oil which is an amazing oil that increases hair health. Our Leave-in conditioner is infused with aloe vera and many other ingredients that attracts just enough moisture into the hair. Lastly our oil is very similar to the natural oils released by the scalp, which means it will seal in moisture while creating the ideal environment your natural hair needs. 

So after 2 years of perfecting our recipe it's finally here! Thank you to all of our friends and family who have supported us along this journey so far and thank you to all of our customers and followers who continue to support our brand. CLICK here to shop.

New Tutorial : Retro Diana Ross Inspired Beauty LOOK

About 6 years ago we joined the youtube community just for fun. Little did we know that our hair, makeup and style tutorials would eventually inspires us go natural leading us to open a beauty company. Our first Youtube tutorial now has about half a million views and some of our favorite natural hair tutorials such as "How To Grow Long Natural Hair" now has 175,000 views on youtube. This was the video that inspired us to publish our first book "Guide to Growing Long Natural Hair". We eventually had to take a break from blogging in order to focus on publishing our book and releasing our natural hair product line, but now that our launch is around the corner we are able to blog more frequently again.

We received some emails from our youtube followers who loved our last retro tutorial, so we were motivated to make more fun easy to follow videos for our youtube followers. Check out our new video "Retro Diana Ross Inspired Beauty Look " below, we took some inspiration from the beautiful icon and modernized the look with muted colors. 



Congratulations to @immy_4 she is our June Giveaway winner! She have been a big supporter of Catherine.Marion for a while now and we truly appreciate it! She won our new protective style "Custom Daisy Wig" in any length valued at over $350. Thank you to those who entered and to all of our followers/supporters make sure to enter our next giveaway. 

Also our "One Time Only Sale" ends tonight at midnight!



Due to our 16% OFF Summer Sale (WHICH ENDS THIS SUNDAY JUNE 19th), we received some emails from you guys asking what the difference is between all of our Jessica wigs and which one we prefer. So we made a short video tutorial summarizing the biggest differences between our two most popular Jessica wigs, our protective style wigs have become popular through word of mouth among our customers over the past 5 years... mostly due to our very high quality hair at affordable prices. Hopefully this video will help you decide which style works best for you depending on your preference. Also our new "Highlighted Jessica Wig" is now available and part of the sale.  


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