Catherine Marion was founded by Natural hair sisters Ivie Omoruyi and Abby Omoruyi. They share a desire to provide quality weaves and wigs catering to African American hair of all textures, from relaxed to natural hair. A unique aspect of Catherine Marion is the ability to help girls embrace and grow out their real hair by creating beautiful and realistic wigs that can be worn by people with hair of all textures. Catherine Marion Inc is a trusted hair company with the sole purpose of producing reliable and extremely high quality hair and wigs to our loyal customers.


Abby Omoruyi is a business owner, actress and blogger. After studying business marketing and finance with a minor in French at Northeastern University. During which she spent a year in Paris studying French where she was exposed to a wider range of beauty and fashion that inspired her to break into the fashion industry. But after college she moved to New York to begin her MBA, which ironically she deferred to work in finance for a top Commercial Real Estate Firm. Bored with the financial industry she discovered a love for blogging. It was then she decided to quit her job and pursue all of her Dreams including working for herself. After her sister, Ivie, went natural she was motivated to go natural herself in order to grow her hair. Due to the difficulty of maintaining straightened natural hair while wearing sew ins she then decided to wear wigs, but the wigs available looked too “wiggy” and she was not a fan of lace fronts. This is where the decision to create her own wigs came about. Catherine Marion wigs were so successful, that she decided to make them available to other people with natural and relaxed hair who are looking to instantly switch up their look. She also pursued her dream of acting by auditioning and entering a popular acting school in Manhattan concentrating on TV and commercial. Although pushed aside for now she still has plans to open her own fashion line under Catherine Marion in the near future. Abby believes that life is what you choose to make of it. Live for yourself and not for others and all your dreams will come true! 

Ivie Omoruyi went to Temple University and just received a degree in Biology of Science. Even though her degree is unrelated to the hair industry, her passion for all things hair has never gone away. After going natural in 2010, she discovered she loved to experiment with different hair styles for her natural hair, but found that when it came to hairstyles involving wigs, it was difficult to find wigs that would blend with her extremely 4C natural hair. The idea to make her own wigs was initiated by her sister Abby and the results were excellent. Ivie believes in making sure that any product made by Catherine Marion is made to perfection and holds up to the high standards that the company has come to be known for. The incredible passion that drives her love for fashion and hair is also evident in all aspects of her life. Her favorite past times are long boarding and listening to music from all parts of the world. As Catherine Marion grows as a company, she plans to continue doing her best to make sure that every single customer feels valued and satisfied.