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fungisai June 25 2014

I will not only look fabulous in your wigs, but I know where I’m from, people will ask, ask, ask and then ask some more exactly where I got my brand new wig from. And I will more than happily promote, promote, promote and then promote some more my brand new Catherine Marion wig!

Secondly, I did the big chop last year june after being inspired by Ivies hair journey YouTube video. And after 1 year, my 4c hair already the longest it has EVER been. Now I can finally blend it NICELY with your wigs.


Verlaine Thomas June 19 2014

I will love to win the wig because I have Crohn’s disease . It’s really hard for me to worry about taking care my hand how my hair looks. And the stress of school and work put on top of it it’s a lot for me. This week will give me the confidence I need to focus on becoming a teacher for special needs kids.

Facebook-Verlaine Thomas
Twitter- hellokittyque

Kirstie Alyse June 19 2014

My instagram is @beautyisvanity.

Kirstie Alyse June 19 2014

I would love to win because I have finally started to transition to natural hair but I need some kind of protective style to wear until I am ready to do the big chop and also as a protective style for my natural hair journey. I love the look of your wigs and how natural they look. They mimic ethnic hair extremely well, especially for 4c girls like myself who find it harder to achieve longer hairstyles due to major shrinkage.

Nae Dean June 18 2014

I would love to win this win wig because I’m in the early stages of my natural hair journey. My hair is very damaged so it is often very hard to find hairstyles that work for me. A lot of weaves don’t look very natural and I’m a very subtle person, so I usually just resort to senegalese twists while I’m in the toughest stages of my journey. Winning this wig would allow me to not only protect my hair, but it would allow me try a new style ( a beautiful style at that). Your wigs look very natural and are gorgeous without being so in your face. The kinky yet straight texture matches my natural hair and I think it would be a great way to see what I have to look forward to with my journey. I love what you’re doing and it’s a real motivation. ❤
(only instagram)

Nika June 16 2014

I LOVE your wigs, my sister ordered one and has been in love with it since. I seeing your wig up close and personal on my sister showed me that they are high quality, beautiful and a GREAT option for everyday wear. I would like to grow my hair out of a pixie cut and give my hair a break from heat and relaxers, the Jessica wig would be an amazing style for me to wear during the grow out/get healthy hair process.

I’m on instagram and twitter at iriechic1 and my FB name is Nika Campbell

Dee Davidson June 10 2014

Hello, I am a 19 year old college student.I cut off all my hair December 2012 and have been natural ever since. I must say that it was incredibly difficult at first but I’ve been learning what works and what doesn’t with my hair. I recently for my first year in college wore my hair out for the most part and only did my regular regimen of getting senegalese twists in the winter to protect my hair from the cold. I wanted to embrace the real me and give my hair a break by wearing it out. This year I have decided to do a year’s length of protective styling because my hair has always grown so much whenever I leave it alone! I currently have in extensions for now and was looking for a wig that would fit me and my style and Jessica is it!! I would love the opportunity to wear her (lol I name all my wigs so I’m excited for Jessica). I wore full and half wigs and braids while I was transitioning to become natural and it was a fun experience! I wish I could attach the photos to show you but I do have some pics of them on my Instagram. Anyways, I would love to win and I hope you take me into consideration. Good luck to everyone else!!
IG Name: jadoremaria_
Unfortunately I don’t have a twitter account and I don’t use my facebook.
Thank you for the opportunity and have a wonderful day everyone.

Tomi Jones June 10 2014


I am Tomi Jones. I would just like to thank you both for giving us all a chance at having this fabulous unit. The hair is remarkable and I have just about a billion and one reasons why I would love to have it.

In high school I learned of my aunt’s breast cancer diagnosis. She had extremely long and healthy hair which she maintained naturally. Through various treatments and her harsh medical regimen, she lost all of her hair. She lost her eyebrows. She lost her eyelashes. She lost the hair on her arms and on her legs. She was completely bald. I saw how this impacted her and after researching hair donation organization, I had some scissors taken to my own hair and I donated it. My aunt and I have now been on this journey along with my mother and my sister for 4-5 years. We all freely cut our hair and regrow it as we please. It is always amazing to know that you have someone that will help you through your darkest hour into a daybreak that is wondrously clear. I am very happy that my family and I were able to be that pillar of support.

I’ve been having a good time learning my natural hair all over again. However, this time I am learning it at a shorter length and although it is fun, it is a lesson in itself. I would like to use protective styling and wigs to help maintain and regrow my healthy hair until my length is restored. I have been natural my whole life and I had grown a heaping amount of it. I believe I’m on the correct path to restoring my length, but I had not found the perfect unit until I came across CatherineMarion.

In regards to my aunt, she loves her short hair. She is still undergoing treatment for breast cancer, but she is doing extremely well. She loves to change up her hairstyle often with the use of wigs. She is very comfortable with herself. I find it remarkable that she was able to find peace with detaching from a length and a style of hair that she has had for her entire life to having various lengths and styles as a result. Her journey encouraged me to sever ties with my hair and it also taught me that my hair is only one aspect of who I am.

I would be more than honored to receive this unit. It would greatly help me. I am currently a junior at an amazing university. I am Miss Africa of my university, co-captain of my dance team, public relations chair of my student organization, a student fundraiser, and a double major in International Business and Biology. My hair takes a bit of time to manage and I already have quite enough to juggle as is. Having this unit would help to make my journey so much easier. It would also give me the opportunity to easily maintain stretched hair and the appearance of quasi-straightened hair. I pray that I win. It would be an extremely stellar blessing.

I am in love with the company and with the impending products. I cannot wait to try.

My social links are listed below:

Instagram: Tom.Boy

Twitter: www.twitter.com/___tomboy___

Facebook: Tomi Jones


Tomi Jones

JImiah Williams June 10 2014

I hope to win this wig because I love the texture of the hair, it fits so well with mine, and as I transition to my natural hair in college it’ll be easy enough financial burden for my 1st wig. I deeply appreciate the time and consideration you all put into making the wigs, and showcasing them for us, so rarely do we have wig shops that are made by us FOR us (african/american sistahs).If won, I would tell the world about your awesome wigs and styles. Even if I don’t I can’t wait to save up and shop with you all. (= !
IG: shantelwilliams
Facebook: Jimiah Williams
Twitter: BlaseMiah

Yvette McKiever June 9 2014

I would love to win this wig because the thought of wearing a wig never entered my head until subscribing to freshgirl246"s channel on youtube. The hair is so natural looking. The only wigs I have ever seen looked liked they are made for other nationalities. These look like my hair. I love them.

Jasmine Jones June 9 2014

I would absolutely LOVE to win this hair!!! I am a student in college and I am finally going to a university. In my state, I see nothing but girls with straight and soft textured hair and for YEARS I have tried to live up to that look by using tons of heat and weave. I was so used to seeing girls with softer hair and it would lower my self esteem because I wanted it so badly. I finally realized that my natural hair is a 4c and will never be like the hair I see at school or in magazines. This wig looks as if it will match my hair type. It’s very hard to find wigs that will actually match my hair texture without me damaging my hair. Most of them are Indian and Brazilian textures that I will never be able to blend with my natural hair no matter how much I straighten it or how much product I use. I want to feel pretty with natural textured hair and I know no matter what others say, one of the first things people notice about you is your hair! This wig is beautiful and I would be honored to wear it. This wig would be the perfect protective style for this southern heat! I wouldn’t have to force my edges and napes to lay down, as I would with an Indian, Brazilian, Peruvian texture. I would love for people to have to double look and ask me “Is that your real hair?” because the wig looks so natural.

My Instagram is @ineedbacon
I’m not on twitter or facebook much but it’s @mustbejazzy
And my facebook is Jazzeh Joe’.

Thank you for giving me and plenty of other ladies the opportunity to win this wig!

Carlé June 8 2014

I would benefit from one of your beautiful pieces in order to help my natural hair thrive. I currently am suffering serious breakage as a result of living in an extremely dry, desert climate in Utah, having lost a lot of hair from my crown over the winter. In order to remain fashionable with less stress to my hair (and daily schedule,) I would keep my hair in protective styles underneath your gorgeous coiffures.

Plus- I have to officiate a wedding and would like to look amazing in the photos!

Be well,
fb: Carlé Ugh
ig: @cazrae

Carlé June 8 2014

I would benefit from one of your beautiful pieces in order to help my natural hair thrive. I currently am suffering serious breakage as a result of living in an extremely dry, desert climate in Utah, having lost a lot of hair from my crown over the winter. In order to remain fashionable with less stress to my hair (and daily schedule,) I would keep my hair in protective styles underneath your gorgeous coiffures.

Plus- I have to officiate a wedding and would like to look amazing in the photos!

Be well,

Brijique Ferguson June 6 2014

Thank you Omoruyi sisters for hosting this giveaway. I’ve been a YouTube follower of yours (Abby) for years. One of my favorite videos is the “Straight Yaki Weave Tutorial” when you used to wear Janet Collection: King Yaki. Watching you, your sister and other YouTube hair gurus ignited my passion for hair weaves. I’ve been natural my entire life, but when I began wearing weaves, I suffered from a lot of heat damage because I wore straight hair in particular. As a woman of color with variety of my hair type, it can be difficult to blend my hair without heat. When I began my healthy natural hair journey, I stopped using heat. I haven’t used heat on my hair in over two years. I don’t even blow dry my hair, I air dry. I stopped having weaves sewn in because I was experiencing a lot of breakage and tension on my edges and hair. I began wearing a wig that I made three months ago and my natural hair is thickening and increasing in vitality and health. I would love to win this silk-top wig because first of all, heat would not be a factor when wearing this particular wig, it’s beautiful, and lastly I am gratefully aware of the huge versatility of this wig. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Instagram: nimueambrosia (Brijique Finesse)
Facebook: Brijique Finesse
Twitter: @HerTwinABaddie

Monique June 6 2014

I’m sorry I forgot to put my social media usernames I am following you on in my first comment.

Facebook: Monique Lee
Twitter: @lmonique314
Instagram: Dollface_mami

Monique June 6 2014

Hello Catherine Marion, I would absolutely love and be so grateful to win because I never tried a silk top lace wig before and i fell in love at first sight when I saw your fabulous amazing company lace wigs!! I actually wear wigs half wigs and synthetic lave front wigs almost everyday and have been for 2-3 years now as my protective styling on my natural hair but would love to win or try this one because it is a silk top human hair wig. This would be great for me as a full time single mom of two always on the go. I could wear this often and not have to worry about spending so much money on synthetic wigs that I just throw away after a few days to a week…smh! I Need a wig like this, it also looks so natural like my real hair no one will even know. It would be very versatile for me and I some days I don’t even have to do much styling if I don’t want to because of the natural texture of it!
I love that about your company hair/wigs!
I would also love to win and be the perfect person for this wig owner because I am a self employed Hairstylist and I know how to properly take care of hair and weaves,and it would last very long in my care. This wig would have a perfect home with me! Much love and be blessed! Thankyou so much for this giveaway!

Chanine June 4 2014

I would love to win this unit because this is a beautifull unit the texture is realy nice i hope i win this i dont own a wig unit especially not a silk top unit i would love to add this to my starting collection.

My FB: Chanine Roethof
Insta: _MISSCCI__

Topeka Tomlin June 3 2014

Winning this giveaway would be a great addition to my new start. Completing graduate school and moving to a new state to start a new career is exciting but very frightening. With the pressures of beginning a new life, it will be difficult to find a stylist that specializes in natural hair. Twist outs and buns eventually become mundane and change is always great. The silk top Jessica will to keep my tresses protected and my confidence high in my brand new surroundings because we all know “when you look good, you feel good! Thank you for the opportunity to enter into this contest.

Twitter: tttomlin (Topeka Tomlin)
Instagram: ttomlin86
Facebook: Topeka Tomlin

Jennifer Terry June 3 2014

I should love to win this wig because I am a busy law student who is currently trying to transition back to her natural hair and is having an incredibly ridiculous time figuring out how to handle the two textures. Your wigs are gorgeous, and I believe it would give me a nice pulled together, glam look on those days when I just don’t have the time to play around with my hair!
Facebook: Jennifer Terry
Twitter: Ginger66

Linda Oke June 3 2014

Is this comp open internationally, like the UK? If so I’d love to win because I’ve wanted a CM wig for so long but I haven’t seen many UK reviews of shipping customs etc. AND right now I’m at an awkward length of hair and just stuck in a rut in terms of styling, and I;d like to see if it could get me through that stage!

Insta: LindaOhGee
Facebook: Linda Oke

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