Catherine Marion is a start-up created by Nigerian-Born, American raised sisters Abby and Ivie Omoruyi. Together they share a desire to encourage natural hair growth by creating Organic Products for Kinky girls, Hair Growth Books and Handmade Protective Style Wigs. Their goal is to empower women of color to love and embrace their natural hair in all of its beauty! 

"In developing our line of natural hair products the goal was not just to make it natural, but to go the step further and create products that actually incorporate the earth. We set out to replace the function of certain common harmful chemicals found in commercial products with natural earth based ingredients that can actually do the same work but at a significantly healthier capacity. Due to a "texture preference" that exits in the natural hair market most natural hair products cater to looser, curlier hair. As girls with coarser, kinker textures (which usually requires long lasting moisture) we had a difficult time finding products for our texture. So our goal was to create products specifically for people with coarser hair like ourselves that are organic but also effective."

Abby Omoruyi studied Business Administration with a concentration in Finance at Northeastern University. She spent some time in Paris studying French, where she was exposed to a wider range of beauty enthusiasts that encouraged her to learn more about the hair and beauty industry. After college she moved to New York and worked in finance for a NYC commercial real estate firm. Bored with the financial industry, she discovered a love for blogging. It was then she decided to quit her job and pursue all of her dreams of entrepreneurship. 

Ivie Omoruyi attended Temple University and received a degree in Biology. After going natural in 2010, she started researching and accumulating information on growing out her natural hair, her goal being to grow it as long as possible. While natural, she discovered that because there was so much information available on growing and maintaining natural hair growth, it became difficult to commit to a certain regimen. Also, the products available were most times filled with sulfates and other ingredients that can be harmful for natural hair. After Ivie went natural, Abby was motivated to go natural also and that was where their natural hair journey began. So Abby and Ivie went to work in an attempt to gather up the most useful information they could find. It was then they decided to create their own home -made natural product line called “Flower Child Curls.” This gave them the ability to control exactly what they were putting into their hair, and made sure it was healthy and not harmful. Being natural involves a lifestyle change that requires a well-rounded knowledge about your hair, plus the use of trustworthy natural products and protective styling, like wigs, braids, etc.

Abby and Ivie soon realized that many natural hair women do not know which direction to go in their hair journey, so they decided to open a one-stop shop for women of color interested in joining the natural hair movement. It’s a store that provides natural hair women with everything they need on their hair journey, from natural homemade products with real ingredients beneficial to hair growth, to natural hair wigs catering to coarser textures, which are very useful for protective styling. Finally, this informative book contains all the necessary information for growing hair. In this book you can find a detailed hair regimen (for both short and long hair). Their goal is to bring to the market a well-rounded source of products and information to help women participating in the natural hair movement. As Catherine Marion grows as a company, they plan to continue doing their best to make sure that every woman who joins the movement is well educated and ready to embrace their natural hair, no matter what length or texture it may be. Catherine Marion is a trusted hair company with the sole purpose of producing reliable, high-quality products for natural hair women.