Why is the Shampoo Brown?

Our products have no added coloring. The combination of ingredients create a color unique to that blend. The shampoo is brown due to the dominating brown color of the rhassoul and bentonite clay combination. Many products we see on the shelves can exude a rainbow like appearance when paired together due to the artificial coloring added. The bright colors have become part of the marketing machine that catches consumer attention with bright colors which we as humans are naturally attracted to. The problem is, these fantastic colors, most times, are created with synthetic chemicals. It can take up to 25 synthetic chemicals to create just one dye and this will be hidden inside of the products which use them. Our products do not include any added coloring.

Does the brown shampoo stain easily?

The shampoo, while it is brown does not stain bathroom or any hard surfaces and can be rinsed/cleaned from these surfaces easily. It can stain certain bright colored clothing, but will wash off easily and cleanly.

Why do your products not smell like perfumes and strong smelling aromas I am used to?

Perfumes or fragrances will not be found in any of our products. As women we come across many chemicals (over 500) when just getting through the day (makeup, deodorants, spray perfumes, home cleaning products, etc). While it is unrealistic to completely wipe out all chemicals from your life you can reduce how much you come into contact with. The motto “if it does not enhance the product, then it must go” is something we stand by. We have replaced perfumes with natural essential oils along with the natural scents produced from the individual ingredients in each product.

Why is the shelf life only 9-12 months?

As the strength of the preservative in a product increases, the more harmful it gets. This makes sense considering if the intention is to give it an unnaturally long lifespan, then some harmful chemicals will certainly be added to the mix. This is the cheaper and easier route but it did not align with what we stand for. Using non-harmful preservatives (with no formaldehyde or parabens) results in a shelf life that is not nearly as long. It takes a sort of mental paradigm shift when it comes to how we view the appropriate life span of our hair care items. Fortunately, there is a wave of naturals who want those extremely natural products with realistic shelf lives and a no harmful chemicals. We are among that wave and use a formaldehyde and paraben free preserver along with other ingredients like, essential oils and natural carrier oils in specific proportions that allow use of the shampoo and conditioners for 5/6 months and more. Our oil has a shelf life of 1.5 to 2 years.

  1. Are Soap Berries nuts and do I have to worry about nut allergies? Soap berries are not nuts. Even though many may refer to this fruit as “soap nuts”, they are actually a fruit/berry so this will not trigger a nut allergy. This is not to say that it should not still be tested on a small portion of the skin to test for allergies. We encourage this for all of our products because any product can elicit and allergy in any person.

Will the oils in the conditioners prevent moisture from entering if oils are known to seal in the moisture?

The oils used in our conditioners will not prevent moisture from entering the hair. In fact it helps attract moisture. Different natural oils have different qualities that make them stand out. One thing they have in common is the ability to enhance the other moisture grabbing ingredients in the shampoo due to their moisturizing nature and the addition of just the right amount that works at optimal level.

Why are there words I still may not know how to pronounce in your products?

While it is true that many ingredients that cannot be pronounced may very well be a drying or harmful ingredient there are also many ingredients which are derived from natural plants, etc. which are pure goodness for the hair and work hard to attract just enough moisture. These ingredients often surprise or confuse some naturalistas because they may sound like other chemicals which they know are harmful. One of the main things to keep in mind when it comes to certain hard to pronounce  ingredients is that two similarly named ingredients can be as different as night and day (one drying and one moisturizing). An example is the fact that there are some alcohols which are terrible and drying for the hair like sulfates and then there are ingredients like cetyl alcohol. Cetyl alcohol is not a drying alcohol, but actually battles dryness. It is a fatty alcohol derived from natural sources which add incredible moisture to hair and not to be confused with the drying alcohols like sulfates.

Why does the shampoo not have a lot of suds when I use it?

Our shampoo produces low suds because it does not contain foaming agents like sodium laureth sulfates or sodium dodecyl sulfate. These drying harmful chemicals are added to many soap/shampoo items because they are cheaper and can produce all the excessive suds now expected in soap items. They strip the natural oils from the hair, which is harmful to the scalp/skin and what causes dry brittle hair. Our catherine marion shampoo uses a mixture of rhassoul clay and bentonite clay along with an infusion of soap berry liquid. The clays have a negative charge and cleanse hair by attracting the positive charge of buildup. This powerful charge does not strip the protective oils our scalp naturally produces on its own. The soapberries add another dimension to cleansing power of the shampoo by using the natural saponin (cleansing agent) it contains to clear build up. This alternate natural method of cleanings was the clear choice for us as opposed to sulfates.


Q: Does the book have an actual regimen?
A: Yes. Chapters 9 and 10 provide and actual hair regimen (in calendar form) for both short and long hair spanning 42 days. The different procedures in the hair regimen are all explained the chapter 8. 
Q: Will I really know how to grow my hair after reading the book?
A: Yes.  Learn how to identify and treat damage in your own hair, which is the best vitamin to take, tricks that will increase the strength of your strands. We provide you with a regimen and all the information leading up to it helps you understand the procedures in the regimen and how it will benefit the health of your hair.
Q: How soon can I expect to see results?
A: Hair growth can be effected by many factors. Some of these include, how well the regimen is followed, water intake, diet, life pressures, environment, etc. What our book/regimen does is to grow your hair as much as it can amidst the different factors your body (and by extension your hair) may be experiencing. This means that people will gain different results depending on how much they are willing to follow the regimen and better these factors. 
But just starting with a great regimen, if nothing else, will take you a long way towards gaining the amount of growth expected on average and actually retaining that growth. So, even though nothing is certain, expect to see results within weeks of following this regimen if you are dedicated. 
Q: How soon can I expect my order?
A: Your order is shipped within 2 to 3 business days
Q: Is shipping free? 
A:  Shipping is free for US customers, but it is not free for overseas customers. We
have a discounted shipping cost for overseas customers.
Q: Is the book refundable?
A: No. All purchases are final after they are shipped.


Q: What side of the head do the side part closures lie when worn?
A: Our left part wig has the actual left closure on the left side of the head and the right part wig has the closure on the right side of the head. 
Q: Do the left and right side wig have a U-shape? 
A: No. Our wigs are designed so that clients only have to leave a little bit of their hair out. So, for our side parts (left and right), we have just a slight closure gap, which is small enough that only a small amount of hair is required to cover it, but big enough to give the part a realistic look when hair is put over it. This can be seen in some of our videos. The only U-shape (where there is an actual gap/space in the cap of the closure) wigs we make regularly are Middle U-shape. When customers want a U-shape side part (left or right) instead of our usual side part, they are advised to email us about it before they order and they are also made aware that this extra customization makes the wig non refundable.
Q: How do I blend my hair with the wig?
A: Since we have different kinds of wigs with different textures, they require different ways of blending. Our very straight wigs require customers to have straightened hair in order to bland, Our course hair may or may not require customers to straighten their hair depending on their own hair texture. Our curly hair may require, hair to be straightened or not depending or even curled to match. It really relies on what state the wig will be worn. Additional holding spray, conditioner, or gel may be used in order to style.
Q: Is shipping free?
A: Shipping is free for US customers, but it is not free for overseas customers. $29 on Light weight international priority 6-10 business days shipping. 
Q: How soon can I expect my order?
A: It depends on type of wig and is rush services have been applied. Please refer to the product page for make time of wigs (usually about 7 to 10 business days estimated make time. Lace wigs are about 5 to 7 weeks make time).
After they are handmade, they are shipped with 2 business days express shipping to US customers (unless customer requests NEXT DAY, which is a $30 charge) and 6 to 10 business days to overseas customers.
Q: Where are your wigs made?

A: Our wigs are made in the USA by our Staff here at Catherine Marion.