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Guide To Growing Long Natural Hair is now available for sale. This book is just informative enough for you to understand the simple steps we provide, but we will not wear you down with unnecessary information. Every chapter in this book is aimed towards increasing your hair length and health. There are many reasons a girl might want to grow out her natural hair, such as: You wonder how long your real hair can actually grow. You no longer want to deal with relaxers and the hair breakage that comes with it. You plain and simply enjoy your natural texture and want it longer. Whatever the reason, we want you to take comfort in knowing that your hair, no matter what texture or density it is... can grow.  

Typically, when a girl goes from relaxed hair to natural hair, they are most times unsure of what to do and how to maintain the level of hair health required to retain length. Many girls become frustrated because of the vast amount of information out there. They may also become product junkies, and too overwhelmed to commit to a particular regimen, hence their hair suffers in the long run. There is a lot of misinformation out there that can lead a natural girl down the wrong path. This book combines and simplifies all of the true hair growth strategies and makes it all make sense. 

So instead of bits of information here and there, you will get an all-inclusive, simplified guide that includes all the steps to growing long, healthy hair. What results can you expect after reading this book? Well, to be honest, that all depends on you. The information given in this book will help you on your journey, but it is up to you to follow it. You hair will not simply grow from reading this book, for actions speak louder than words. You have to be committed to anything you do in order to see results. Now that you know what to expect, the first thing you need to do is understand your hair. 



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  • Guide To Growing Long Natural Hair

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