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We are very passionate about all things related to natural hair growth and through our journey we have grown to truly love our hair in all forms. Part of this journey is truly a spiritual one, in which you have to realize that your hair is beautiful because it is a part of you. On our path to fully embracing our hair we realized that loving our hair means loving it in all its forms. As we gain length we naturally want to proudly display this by doing many styles that stretch our hair and define our curls. Also, wearing stretched out/curl defining styles are undoubtedly a great way to detangle our hair and reduce breakage. 

But we want to show that yes our hair is also beautiful in its most shrunken state. The different forms of natural hair, including when it is shrunken, can be quite shocking to some because they may not be used to seeing this.

But shrinkage is also a characteristic that is part of our hair in its unaltered form so we want to make sure it also gets its shine.

It makes us so ecstatic to see that many naturals also embrace their shrinkage along with the other forms natural hair can take.

As we move along in our own journey we must say that the natural hair community has truly become a sort of sisterhood with nothing but positivity and a genuine awareness of the need to increase black hair health. We at Catherine Marion thank everyone for their continued support and are proud to be members and contributors of this awesome community!

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  • catherinemarionEbraceYourShrinkageChallengenatural hair

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