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Congratulations to @Eduaoe who entered our instagram giveaway competition and won a free CM handmade protective style Jessica wig and CM Guide to growing long natural hair" Coffee table book. 

She said "I should win because I'm a Catherine Marion fanatic! I got my first Jessica wig as a freshman in college 3 years ago I didn't know what to do with my hair so I read your blog and rocked my wig. I got (still get) so many compliments on my wig. Black girls like me are marveled at how long my hair is ☺️?. I put a bunch of my friends on to the Jessica wig and they bought them. We all wear them together now. I bought my second wig after about a year in March 2014 and I'm still rocking it and also still trying to figure out how to wear natural hair. The book would help grow my hair and hopefully others naturals around me. and that Jessica wig! ? would love to add it to my collection so I can continue receiving compliments on my hair and giving people the Catherine Marion link in return! Oya". Congratulations again Eduaoe, and of course you do not have to be a customer to win our giveaway so feel free to follow us on instagram, facebook and twitter and watch out for our next giveaway. 

  • Abby Omoruyi
  • free jessica wigfree natural hair bookgiveaway

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  • Oct 01, 2015

    Ahhhhh!!!!! Thank you so much! Where can I send you my mailing information?

    — Edua Eboigbe

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