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Like all of the oils we use at Catherine Marion, Moringa Oil is very beneficial to hair, skin and health. It is extracted from the Moringa tree and has been traced to medicinal practices used in Rome and other areas during ancient times. Since we believe in cleansing/moisturizing with nature, we decided that this would be a great oil to include to our wash-out conditioner. 

By using Moringa Oil on your skin/hair you are imparting its antioxidant and anti-microbial qualities, it's ability to insert moisture from the air into your skin/hair, it's capacity to cleanse the dead skin cells from the scalp, heal wounds, battle skin aging, and has even been linked to being able to stop some of the precursors of certain types of liver damage. 

By now it is very apparent why this oil was used since ancient times for medicinal and general health purposes. In our book, we recommend our wash-out conditioner for deep conditioning or quick rinse conditioning, so we knew we had to include an astounding oil such as Moringa. Our line of natural products "Flower Child Curls" will be launching this summer.

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  • Catherine MarionFlower child curlsNatural Hair Products

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