I haven't shared a hair post in a while honestly because I haven't tried anything new, worth sharing. But alas! that changed when I received Catherine Marion's Hair growth system. The review you are about to read represents my honest opinion, no extras lol. Catherine Marion is an African owned business started by Nigerian sisters Abby and Ivie Omoruyi. They started this natural product line to address the needs of many natural hair women by providing a one-stop shop for everything from natural home-made products which supports hair growth to natural wigs for protective styling. 

Packaging : I love great packaging and the folks at Catherine Marion didn't skimp here. My products arrived beautifully packaged in clear plastic bottles. The meticulous way at which the products were packed ensured no spillage or damage to the products. (Amazon could learn something here, no shade lol I have received quite a few messy packages.)  I love the fact that I could clearly see what's in the bottle, no guess work there.

Shampoo : The Earth Clay shampoo as the name suggests is clay based, so forget about the huge lather you might be used to from your current shampoo. It took a little adjustment cos I am used to seeing large white forms, lol. I didn't know what to expect but it did its' job. Cleansed all the excess oil and dirt in my hair and did the same for my 3 year old daughter. She had everything in her hair too BTW (sand, scrapes of lint, paper, etc, lol) typically stuff kids get in their hair right? I love the smell of this product, simply put it smells like a "spa in a bottle" It has this earthy mint smell which I found relaxing! I also loved the tingling feeling in my scalp from the peppermint in this shampoo. 

Conditioner : My hair after washing, conditioning and applying the leave-In/ oil

Conditioner. The Moringa Infused Softening Conditioner is a winner in my books. I love the smell, also minty but not overpowering. My favorite thing about this natural hair conditioner is that it is light. I am used to piling heavy conditioner in my hair, it's almost like I have been programmed to think that, that's the only way I know its working. I applied it from root to tip and left it in my hair for 30 minutes. The results were fantastic! I have never had this much curls in my hair EVER from just washing and conditioning my hair.

Leave-In Conditioner: The Moisturizing Aloe Vera Leave-In Conditioner is a light leave-In conditioner that penetrates the hair. My hair absorbed this product so well and I didn't feel the heaviness that I was accustomed to from my past products. My hair felt completely moisturized. Oh and yeah it smells great too.

Moisture Seal Oil: I know sealing oils are important but I just find myself sticking to my favorite moisturizing oil, coconut oil. I had a change of heart when I tried Catherine Marion's Moisture Seal Oil. It is packed with Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, just to name a few ingredients. I love that this oil doesn't have a heavy scent. My hair and my daughter's hair fully absorbed this product.

Guide to  Growing Natural Hair : My natural hair system package came with a Hair guide which breaks down most of the myths and questions you might have about your hair. If you have every wondered about hair type, detailed knowledge on what causes hair breakage, how to fix it and most importantly how to grow your hair? This book is a must read, they have the hardcover version as well as the e-book version. 

Final thoughts I love that for the first time someone made hair products that is specific to TYPE 3 and TYPE 4 hair. I am most ecstatic that this product is natural, suphur free, paraben free and within a PH balance of 4 and 7 (read about this in the e-book) I loved this product so much that I ordered another bottle of conditioner so I could try it on my daughter's hair. Overall I loved the results on my hair, amazing curl patterns. For my daughter's hair I liked the product too but it didn't enhance her curls like it did for me. She has more curl definition naturally.For the price point, you get high quality hair products that works.

Thank you for the awesome review TiTi, visit her beautiful BLOG for more beauty tips. 

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