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Summer to Spring, changing weather can be harsh on your Natural hair, heat, humidity, and too much sun exposure can dry, damage, and dehydrate your strains. But not to worry, here are some great tips to keeping your curls hydrated and luscious during transitioning weather! 

1. The products you use on your strand MATTERS! 

Although the natural hair community discourages excessive shampooing, as an active natural, who loves yoga, running, swimming and other outdoor activities you may find your hair has more build up during this time compared to colder seasons. Increasing how much you shampoo your hair or adding in additional co-wash will help your during this time. Make sure to use a clarifying shampoo such as our Earth Clay Cleansing Shampoo which contains wonderful natural ingredients such as clay, soap berries, and essential oils to cleanse the hair and scalp. 

2. ACV RINSE FOR OIILY HAIR - For times when you don't have a lot of build up but would like a light rinse you can't go wrong Co-Washing with ACV (Apple Cyder Vinger), Apple cider vinegar is naturally high in acetic acid and has a pH level which is close to that of human hair, this is great for those who have oily hair.

3. OIL RINSE FOR DRY HAIR-  An oil rinse has been compared to a hot oil treatment, but done in the shower. After shampooing apply hydrating oil such as our Jojoba Moisture Seal Oil. Make sure to ring out excess water and apply oil from ends to roots. You may also try Avocado and Coconut oil to seal in that moisture. 

4. Leave -In Conditioner can make or break your strands - before you jump into that chlorine filled pool, apart from a swimming cap make sure your hair has a great leave in conditioner. Since the pH of this conditioner is balanced and very close to the hair's own pH of 4.5 to 5.5, this means the pH of your natural hair will be maintained. Using products outside of the hair's pH is one of the biggest causes of dryness and breakage. With our aloe-infused conditioner, the constant moisture that the hair needs is successfully transferred into the hair and stays resulting in increased hair health and growth.

5. Finally protect those strands -  Protective styles such as braids can be great in this summer weather but braids can actually lead to excessive breakage due to the pulling that can occur on your hair strands. Try crochet braids instead, giving you the same look but safer for your hair and edges. Finally you can never go wrong with protective style wigs, and stylish head wraps. 

For more tips check out our book Guide To Growing Long Natural Hair

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