Catherine Marion

Earth Clay Cleansing Shampoo 16 oz


Earth Clay Cleansing Shampoo 16 oz
Earth Clay Cleansing Shampoo 16 oz
Earth Clay Cleansing Shampoo 16 oz

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Catherine Marion

Earth Clay Cleansing Shampoo 16 oz


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We believe in cleansing using the earth. The Earth Clay (No Lather) Cleansing Shampoo contains wonderful natural ingredients such as clay, soap berries, and essential oils to cleanse the hair and scalp. Clay has been used as a cleanser since ancient times. The ancient Egyptians, Aztecs, Greeks, and Romans used clay not only as a hair cleanser but also for bathing, as a natural internal medicine, and for many other therapeutic uses. Another amazing ingredient is soap berries, which are fruits plucked directly from the soapberry tree (Sapindus Mukorossi), create a natural soap that has been used in India for thousands of years to cleanse hair, skin, fine silks, and wools. 

FAQ - Why does the shampoo not have a lot of suds (Lather) when I use it? Our shampoo produces low suds because it does not contain foaming agents like sodium laureth sulfates or sodium dodecyl sulfate. These drying harmful chemicals are added to many soap/shampoo items because they are cheaper and can produce all the excessive suds now expected in soap items. They strip the natural oils from the hair, which is harmful to the scalp/skin and what causes dry brittle hair. Our Catherine marion shampoo uses a mixture of rhassoul clay and bentonite clay along with an infusion of soap berry liquid. The clays have a negative charge and cleanse hair by attracting the positive charge of buildup. This powerful charge does not strip the protective oils our scalp naturally produces on its own. The soapberries add another dimension to cleansing power of the shampoo by using the natural saponin (cleansing agent) it contains to clear build up. This alternate natural method of cleanings was the clear choice for us as opposed to sulfates.

The perfect hair cleanser must do 6 things

1.) Cleanse without stripping natural oils:

We use a combination of Rhassoul and Bentonite clay to create a perfect clay recipe that can absorb EXCESS dirt, toxins and oils. These clays carry a strong negative charge that bind to the positive charge in many toxins, removing them while releasing their minerals. The clay combination also raises oxygen in the scalp. We released the natural saponin (soap) in soap berries to add an extra dimension to the cleanse. These natural cleansers do not strip your natural oils.

2.) Moisturize:

To moisturize the scalp is to not just add water, but to make sure it sticks. To do this humectants (moisturizers) are needed. We use natural and very effective humectants, like aloe vera and pure vegetable glycerin along with water to moisturize while cleansing.

3.) Have a smooth feel for easy application

To create a smooth silky feel we have added the thickener xanthan gum, which adds softness and glide. Conventional thickeners can contain harmful ingredients and xanthan gum (which is Derived from ingredients found in veggies like broccoli and cauliflower) is very safe and effective in enhancing the already earthy smooth feel of the other ingredients.

4.) Contain something to stop those pesky microbes from forming in the product

It would be very ideal to not have any ingredients that stops those pesky microbes from forming and rotting the product very quickly, but leaving this out can be VERY dangerous. A rotten product can harm your scalp and that would be disastrous. Instead we use optiphen, which is a very safe non-harmful, paraben-free, formaldehyde-free preservative.

5.) Have a natural soothing scent

There are no perfumes or fragrance in this product. When these words are used on a label, they take the place of a combination of a huge amount of harmful chemicals that give off a synthetic “pretty” smell. We use peppermint essential oil to enhance the natural earthy clay smell.

6.) A pH between 4 and 7

Why 4 and 7? Natural hair and scalp has a pH of about 4.5 to 5.5 and using products between 4 and 7 (aka “pH Balanced”) is ideal because they will not disrupt the hair’s own natural pH. Our shampoo has a pH of about 6.79. 

Full List of IngredientsSoap Berries (Sapindus Mukorossi Aqueous Extract), Aloe Vera, Water (Aqua),  Bentonite Clay (Natural Cleanser), Moroccan Rhassoul Clay (Natural Cleanser), Xanthan Gum (thickener and stabilizer), Optiphen (paraben-free and formaldehyde-free), Pure Vegetable Glycerin (Natural Moisturizer, Peppermint Essential oil.

Bottle comes with pump dispenser in the locked position. Shipped within 3 to 5 business days. Have more questions? Click HERE to read more FAQ and find out details about our products shelf life and more.

Weight : NET WT. 16 FL. OZ (453.6g)