We know these past couple of weeks haven't been easy and there are some more difficult times to come. So here are some fun and helpful actives you can do to occupy your time while stuck in doors. 

1. Home Spa Day ~ Taking a little time off for some self care at a time like this is a great way to heal and stay grounded during this time. Here are some things you need for a perfect spa day. Light a candle or two (safely), apply a Detoxifying Clay Mask, then run a bath and soak in our stress release Soaking Salt, and finishing off with our full body moisturizer set. You can do all this while drinking a glass of wine of your choice, enjoying a legal CBD product of your choice or simply mixing some Gin and tonic (these are difficult times sis, enjoy). Finally you can finish off your spa day by Painting your nails or giving yourself a home Pedicure.

2. Try to get some work done if you are able to work from home/focus on school ~ We know this is difficult to hear (because focusing is very hard right now) but this is a great time to pour some frustration you are feeling into your work or school. Can you truly relax with a book or show knowing that you have a 8 page paper due by midnight? Having some sense of accomplishment no matter how small it may be might lower your anxiety right now.

3. Water your plants - As a plant owner, watering your plants is not only essential to the health of your plant but can also be a fun relaxing activity to do. But while doing so also make sure not to over water them so as not to harm them. Visit one of our favorite Plant homes www.thesill.com to learn more about plant care.

4. Workout/Yoga or DANCE DANCE DANCE ~ While in lockdown another way to pass the time is working out. I’m sure like the rest of us, your social media timeline has been filled with home workout videos and stories. Well since you have some time to kill might as well join in on the fun. You can try a 2 weeks challenge like this one or a home yoga workout on youtube. If you are not into working out but would still like to get some movement going, try dancing. Many great DJs have been spinning on insta-live and that will definitely get your blood flowing. Finally you can also try downloading TikTok and practice one of it’s many dance challenges. Either way get up and move, it will brighten up your day and boost your endorphins. 

5. Wash Day - This was separated from Spa day because every natural girl knows that unfortunately this can take up your whole day. We know you may have been putting off wash day but this is probably the best time to get it done. To help you with wash day try our Natural Hair Growth Complete Kit which includes our Earth Clay Cleansing Shampoo, Moringa infused Softening Conditioner, Moisturizing aloe vera leave-in conditioner, Protein Treatment, Moisture Seal Oil and our "Guide to Growing Long Natural Hair" Book.

6. Read, start a diary, get some writing doneThis is the perfect time to catch up on that book you have always wanted to read or write that short story you can’t get out of your mind. We might not be able to leave our homes right now but that doesn’t mean our minds can’t take a little vacation. Starting a dairy can also help lower your anxiety during these difficult times. You don’t need to be a writer to benefit from writing therapy. All you need is a piece of paper, a pen, and the will to write.

7. Binge on a show or movie - Many streaming apps (such as Disney plus, Hulu, and more) are currently offering free trials. You can binge on a great shows like WestWorld (back on HBO) Madame CJ walker (we know this wasn’t fully historically accurate but it’s still a good watch on Netflix), The Witcher (also on Netflix, or watch a classic movie to pass the time.

8. Craft Time - Look to the arts to express yourself at a time like this. Painting, adult coloring books, knitting, sewing, or simply making a breathing mask can be a great way to occupy your time. Joann fabric has a great tutorial to help with the shortage of mask, see below.  

9. Connect with family & friends from a distance - Not being able to meet up with friends and family doesn't mean we can’t see them. Try video chatting on apps such as Houseparty, whatsapp, facetime, and Rebtel. This way you can practice social distancing while still attempting to have somewhat of a social life. 

10. Finally, whatever you choose to do, make sure you stay safe by staying home.


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