Hey sis! So it's 2019 and you find yourself here again with a list of new resolutions but don't know where to start? Well we can help you cross your hair off the list with some simple tips that will revive your hair routine. Check it out below

1. Stick to a routine, the grass is not always green

Being natural on social media you see a fair share of what to do in order to grow your natural hair. This can be a good thing because you may be well informed but this can also be a bad thing because there is such a thing as too much information. All this info can lead to the temptation to try out a new routine instead of sticking to a routine that may currently be working for you. In 2019 try not to get too caught up with the new "natural hair trend" and just stay consistent with your current routine because if it's not broken why fix it. 

2. Focus on health not length

Sometimes it may feel like your hair isn't growing when you are too focused on measuring every inch. Focus on the health of your hair not the length, as long as your hair is healthy it will always be beautiful no matter how long or short you choose to wear it. If you feel like your hair may not be as healthy as you would like, try adding a protein treatment in your routine along with a light trim to revive your fro. 

3. Embrace your texture

We cannot stress enough how important it is to embrace your texture. Especially us naturals with a kinkier texture. Getting too caught up with defining your curls can lead to over manipulation which will eventually lead to breakage. This leads us to #4

4. Leave over manipulation in 2018 

Protective styles such as braids are awesome but can also lead to over manipulation. If you want to switch up your look try, protective style updo, protective style wigs or crotchet braids instead. 

5. Water is Bae

If you are not drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water daily in 2019 then you might as well return to 2018 because water is BAE! Being well hydrated not only clears your skin and grows your hair but it also makes you feel GREAT! 

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Summer to Spring, changing weather can be harsh on your Natural hair, heat, humidity, and too much sun exposure can dry, damage, and dehydrate your strains. But not to worry, here are some great tips to keeping your curls hydrated and luscious during transitioning weather! 

1. The products you use on your strand MATTERS! 

Although the natural hair community discourages excessive shampooing, as an active natural, who loves yoga, running, swimming and other outdoor activities you may find your hair has more build up during this time compared to colder seasons. Increasing how much you shampoo your hair or adding in additional co-wash will help your during this time. Make sure to use a clarifying shampoo such as our Earth Clay Cleansing Shampoo which contains wonderful natural ingredients such as clay, soap berries, and essential oils to cleanse the hair and scalp. 

2. ACV RINSE FOR OIILY HAIR - For times when you don't have a lot of build up but would like a light rinse you can't go wrong Co-Washing with ACV (Apple Cyder Vinger), Apple cider vinegar is naturally high in acetic acid and has a pH level which is close to that of human hair, this is great for those who have oily hair.

3. OIL RINSE FOR DRY HAIR-  An oil rinse has been compared to a hot oil treatment, but done in the shower. After shampooing apply hydrating oil such as our Jojoba Moisture Seal Oil. Make sure to ring out excess water and apply oil from ends to roots. You may also try Avocado and Coconut oil to seal in that moisture. 

4. Leave -In Conditioner can make or break your strands - before you jump into that chlorine filled pool, apart from a swimming cap make sure your hair has a great leave in conditioner. Since the pH of this conditioner is balanced and very close to the hair's own pH of 4.5 to 5.5, this means the pH of your natural hair will be maintained. Using products outside of the hair's pH is one of the biggest causes of dryness and breakage. With our aloe-infused conditioner, the constant moisture that the hair needs is successfully transferred into the hair and stays resulting in increased hair health and growth.

5. Finally protect those strands -  Protective styles such as braids can be great in this summer weather but braids can actually lead to excessive breakage due to the pulling that can occur on your hair strands. Try crochet braids instead, giving you the same look but safer for your hair and edges. Finally you can never go wrong with protective style wigs, and stylish head wraps. 

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Most curly/kinky gal understand the struggle of natural hair shrinkage. What is shrinkage exactly? Hair shrinkage usually occurs when curly/kinky hair is moisturized while stretched/straightened, shrinking it back to it's natural (normal) curly/kinky state. This makes the hair appear shorter in length when it is in fact the same length. 

Basically you do an incredible braid out that gives you the luscious fro you desire but if you step outside on a rainy day, you may return with seemingly half the hair density you left with and a shrunken afro. But not to worry because this isn't particularly a bad thing, it might not be the style you intended to do that day but hair shrinkage actually speaks to the health of your hair. Here are some things to keep in  mind.

1.  Different hair textures (hair types) experience different amount of shrinkage, some may experience only 40% while others experience 90%. The capacity a persons hair shrinks depends on how tightly coiled their hair is capable of becoming. This is actually a great thing to know about your hair because once you realize that your hair is not in a constant battle against every braid out or roller set, but is just in fact returning to its most natural state, then you can view this as a way of reminding yourself that your curls are still healthy and popping. If they were damaged through heat or some other source they would not spring back into a curly state as readily.

2. This leads to the next thing to remember about shrinkage. It can be used as a tool to see how healthy your curls are. Excess heat or damaging chemicals applied to the hair is one of the common forms of damage. In order to achieve that perm or that extremely flat ironed style, curls have to become damaged in order to stay permanently or temporarily straight. For those who want to go between natural and flat iron styles they find that the curls begin to not bounce back due to the damage. So when we embrace the fact that tight curls can equal healthy curls we see that shrinkage is a good thing.

3. We must reject the notion that shrinkage (especially extreme shrinkage) is unattractive  and unkempt. Many girls with kinky hair may have grown up with the idea that natural hair = not neat. This idea has always been something that has been present in our society. Even as the rise of naturals who reject this grew this idea also found a way to make itself present when it comes to texture preferences. Many find that there is still even with many who embrace natural hair an idea that looser textures (which usually but not always may have less shrinkage capacity) are better than kinkier textures (which usually but not always has more shrinkage capacity). We cannot stop what others think about our own hair, but what we can do is LOVE OUR HAIR no matter what texture you have. So we say, embrace it no matter how much it shrinks. 

4. Now we can't ignore the fact that wearing your hair in tight curls can inevitably lead to more interaction between strands and more opportunities for tangling if not done carefully. This is even more likely if you are not regularly detangling your hair using a good slippery conditioner and applying moisture on a consistent basis A.K.A if you do not have a good hair care regimen that incorporates protein from time to time. Wearing it in this state can be very low manipulation but the need for moisture becomes higher due to the increased contact between strands. A great moisturizer will allow the strands to come into contact and more likely slip past each other instead of becoming caught. Also, alternating between shrunken styles and other protective styles is a good idea for those who may want to change it up.  With a good regimen and plenty of moisture, your hair will tangle less whenever you want to wear your hair shrunken 

5. Once you have embraced that your hair shrinks and that you are a unique flower, you may decide to wear it in its shrunken state from time to time. As we know low manipulation can lead to tremendous growth so rocking your shrinkage from time to time can lead to less damage and length retention. 

So it's ok to manipulate your hair here and there but the best way to grow your hair, especially kinky hair to to stick with low manipulation hair styles and wearing your hair in it's shrinkage state every now and then is completely ok and reminds you of how healthy your hair actually is. 

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