Last weekend we celebrated our birthday (both May babies) and the growth of our company by having a private dinner with close friends and family at CM studios. The theme was a play on Alice in Wonderland and it was an incredible night. Anyone who knows us know we love a good theme party but we wanted a modern take on the theme so some of us chose to dress as specific characters just for fun (Ivie dressed as Alice, Abby dressed as The Queen of Hearts e.t.c). Shopping for this was difficult so we tried to keep the theme loose, a few days before almost no one had an outfit and we all called each other to make sure we were still dressing up and hadn't actually given up on the idea lol. Anyways thankfully it all worked out, so thank you to everyone who made it and thank you to Chef D for catering this event. We will hopefully have many more events and pop-ups this summer so feel free to subscribe and stay tuned. Check out all the fun pictures below. 

 Also congratulations to our beautiful friend Doreen Caven Co-Founder of www.POPCaven.com on her engagement. Wishing you and Myron the best!!



We are excited to announce our new office is now Located in Philadelphia. This is a big step for our company because we now have a multi-purpose space where we can not only manufacture our products and carry out creative projects but also host fun events, which we will have lots of this summer! Also customers who are located in Philadelphia and would like to avoid paying shipping cost can soon make an appointment to pick up online purchased items. Thank you for all of your support, see more pictures below. 


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