The average progressive millennial likes to think that they truly believe "all hair is good hair". But sometimes the truth is revealed when a picture of "Blue Ivy Carter" rocking an awesome "messy" kinky fro (for those of you who may not know this is Beyonce's beautiful oldest child) posted on social media is followed by many commenters who are angry that beyonce allowed her child to walk outside with such "messy hair". While a picture posted of baby "North West" (Kim Kardashian's equally beautiful daughter) with a head full of messy curls most times doesn't result in any criticisms. 

Whenever i see this i always wonder to myself, do these commenters know they are actually perpetuating the idea that there is something wrong with kinkier hair. But this can be a hard topic to bring up because at the end of the day "hey it's just hair" right? Well let's think about that for a second. Is it just hair? Or is there actually a deeper issue here. An issue that ties all the way to slavery and separation of class, an issue that tell our "dark daughters" that they are not good enough at a very early stage in their development. An issue that prompt Solange Knowles to create a song blatantly stating "Don't Touch My Hair". The sad part of this all is some of the criticisms also comes from black women but we won't get into the topic of stockholm syndrome today. Think of it this way, if you are told you are not "good enough" long enough, well one day you may actually start to believe it. So what are are the myths attached to having kinky hair. Even though the list is long let's keep it short and cute by breaking down only 4 popular myths. 

1.  Kinky Hair is hard to grow. Sometimes when a girl goes natural after years of relaxing her hair, she may discover that her texture falls more in the range of 4B/4C, which is a very kinky texture. Not knowing how to take care of this new texture or what products to use she usually comes to the conclusion that her hair is "too difficult". In some ways yes natural hair in general (no matter the texture) can seem "difficult", but in reality it really isn't. Yes it does require attention and for kinkier textures keeping your hair well moisturized is the key to seeing dramatic hair growth. But if you think about it, this would be the same attention you would give your hair even if it were relaxed or blown out. Since your hair is tightly curled it can have a difficult time retaining the natural healthy oils from your scalp, stopping it from flowing freely down your hair strands. This leads to your hair becoming dry and brittle which eventually leads to breakage. So it's not that your hair can't grow because it's too kinky, it just needs some moisture and love. 

2. Kinky Hair is very hard and rough.  Well even though sometimes kinky hair may feel or even look "tough", it isn’t. If you keep your hair moisturized it will always feel soft. As far as looking rough, that is more of a stigma attached with kinkier hair that we can easily break by not caring what someone else thinks about your hair. At the end of the day beauty is in the eye of the beholder.   3. Kinky Hair can't be combed. I think when it comes to this Myth we have to remember kinky/curly hair cannot be handled like straight hair. You probably shouldn't be combing your hair when it's in certain states, such as when it's completely dry or when its tangled. Kinky hair can certainly be combed but because it is tightly curled it is easier to comb it when it's moisturized or after detangling.

4. Kinky Hair is High Maintenance. Well I say it all depends. The reason some people may discover more difficulties in taking care of their hair is simply because they haven't found the right Products/Regimen combination that works for their hair, or they refuse to stick to one. They are convinced that maybe there is something better out there. This can lead to becoming a product Junkie as they say, making your hair seem more high maintenance than it really should be. If you have already found products and a regimen that work for your hair (whether it is Flower Child Curls Or Not haha) we stay stick with it. Why change it if it's working? 

At the end of the day, we as women have to make an effort to break these stereotypes and misconceptions thrust upon us. However you wish to wear your hair, whether it's natural, relaxed, or in between, it really doesn't matter because it is your hair. There is no perfect skin tone, there is no perfect body type and there is no perfect hair type. What makes it perfect is if it makes you feel comfortable in your own skin!   

Catherine Marion is an organic company that creates 100% Natural Hair Products For Kinky Gals |Fragrance, Dye & Paraben FREE|. Shop our line Flower Child Curls. 


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We created Flower Child Curls to celebrate and cater to kinky natural hair. The natural hair community has a diverse range of hair textures but most companies focus on looser textures. We wanted to bring to the market an organic, effective line of products that caters directly to kinky hair, which most times needs more moisture than looser textures. With 5 star reviews and very loyal customers we are glad to see that you guys love Flower Child Curls. This proves to us that representation matters. Thank you to everyone who participated in this beautiful celebration of black women. Thank you to our customers and social media followers for all of your love and support. 


 When a group of powerful forward thinking women collaborate and share ideas, there is nothing that can hold us back. We experienced this at our Fireside Chat Philly Event this past Friday and were very honored to speak about our own experiences as business owners and to inspire other women to passionately reach for their goals in whatever career path they take.We want to thank BAUCE magazine (check out their fabulous website at (http://baucemag.com/ ) for hosting this event along with everyone who came to share in the experience. We also want to thank our fabulous intern Ruby (instagram @rubicisca). Also check out this great footage/interviews of the event from Iveoma . 

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